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Mike Drob (MD) is your Forensic & Corporate Accounting solution who will ensure you have the highest quality, timely and critical financial information required in order to make all your decisions with minimal stress.
Specializing  in working with all mid sized businesses , fortune 1000 companies; law firms , entrepreneurs and independent contractors,  MD is an invaluable asset to Fraudulent Transfer Litigators, Debtor Collectors Law Firms, Commercial Corporate Law Firms, and (Public) Pension Cases for all things fraudulent and financial related.


Highly accomplished and motivated individual with an extensive financial background that includes cost accounting, general accounting, finance, and project management. An individual who has advanced analytical skills, and a proven track record of using these skills to identify and implement process improvements that led to increased revenue or decreased operating costs for several organizations. Seeking project based or contractual employment opportunities, will also consider alternative basis of employment.

Advanced understanding of SAP modules pertaining to General Ledger, Perpetual Inventory System, Sales and Distribution, Logistics, A/R, A/P, Cost Runs, Customer Sales Rebates, Vendor Purchases Rebates, PCA, and generating queries for ad-hoc report. As well as associated data warehousing applications such as BW, Teradata, Vistex, and Blackline. Previous experience includes Oracle, PeopleSoft, and running IBM reports and queries. Excellent Excel skills.

  • Advanced knowledge and experience in cost accounting

  • Advanced knowledge and experience in general accounting.

  • Extensive forensic accounting experience.

  • Managed Grainger’s revenue recognition policies and guidelines.

  • Advanced knowledge of revenue projections and forecasting.

  • SOX controls – Evaluation, ownership, review and approval. 

  • Strong knowledge and experience of the consolidated close process.

  • Strong knowledge and experience with accounting for intercompany activity and setting transfer pricing.

  • Extensive experience Identifying and implementing operational and financial process improvements that added to organization’s bottom line.

  • Extensive experience working with inventory systems, including FIFO, LIFO, standard cost, and perpetual.

  • Extensive experience using trend analysis and other analytical techniques to analyze the activity of accounts with massive data.


  • Added millions to revenue annually by initiating process changes that increased the accuracy of rebate payment calculations. These were large rebate payments made to national accounts with complex structures and covered by contracts.

  • Added millions to revenue by identifying and correcting gaps in the vendor warranty recovery process. Often times defective product returns were incorrectly scrapped that should have been returned to vendors for credit. SAP requires specific sales order types or billing document types to be used in order to process vendor warranty returns correctly.

  • Using forensic accounting techniques identified and recovered large payments incorrectly made to third party vendors related to drop ship orders.

  • Identified gaps in the A/P system that in certain cases allowed the system to duplicate payments.

  • Identified process gaps that in some cases prevented recoveries from freight carriers due to damaged product.

  • Created the methodology used for calculating accurate daily sales projections and monthly sales forecasts. Still being used by Grainger after twenty years.   

  • Prepared the most accurate and comprehensive reporting of revenue, cogs, and gross profit. These were considered to be the Source of Truth by all of Grainger’s management, accounting, and finance teams. 

  • Integrated all U.S. based new business acquisitions into Grainger's month-end revenue reporting process, as well as sales projections and forecasting. 

  • Prepared accurate reporting and analysis on the inflationary impact on revenue and product cost. As well as, the impact on gross profit margin from product mix, selling price mix, and product additions and deletio

  • Mazda Motors of America, holding company for all U.S. operations. Served as director of internal audit, and created their first internal audit program for U.S. operations. 

  • Bradner Central Company, a privately held national distribution company of paper products, doing business in Chicago since 1852. Responsibilities included audit, federal and state local taxation, sales and use tax compliance, risk management, and special projects related to cash management and investments. Reported to CEO and board of directors.

  • Accomplishments include performing forensic audits that led to recoveries of millions from insurance companies due to employee theft, performed tax research that saved millions by establishing ESOP Plan, VEBA Plan, and Cafeteria Plan, and saving millions in insurance premiums by reassessing and managing all risk programs.

Bachelor of Science Northern Illinois University double major Accounting and Finance.

Services Working With

Fortune 1000 
Law Firms
Independent contractor

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