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Accounting is the language of business.

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The Mission

 48 Years of Accumulated Practice

Mike Drob (MD) is your Forensic & Corporate Accounting solution who will ensure you have the highest quality, timely and critical financial information required in order to make all your decisions with minimal stress.


Specializing  in working with all types of businesses; law firms , entrepreneurs and independent contractors,  MD is an invaluable asset to Fraudulent Transfer Litigators, Debtor Collectors Law Firms, Commercial Corporate Law Firms, and (Public) Pension Cases for all things fraudulent and financial related.


Mike Drob

Forensic Corporate Accountant

Contact MD for a free consultation and let Mike tell you how he can simplify and maximize the solution

Value 01.


 48 Years of Accumulated Practice

Fortune 1000 

Law Firms



Independent contractor

Services Working With

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